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  1. passageway
    It isn’t easy here on the threshold just now, in the birth passage, climbing through the window, falling into the well, standing on the shore, staring at the blank page, rising up the chimney, speaking from the silence, beholding from the pupil of the eye, passing through the net, me the fish leaping from the river, the swan taking flight, the full and fermenting chrysalis, me, the turning from nectar to wine, the flint strike just before the flame, the seed in the winter ground, the three
  2. crows
    black jewels gleaming out from the piles of gold and diamonds in my winter treasurehouse, iridescent, fat, and speaking harsh poetry, like any good thing. the callouses of my mind are scraped off by their voices, the dust on my skin blown off by their wings, and if I have too much to eat, while others go hungry, these shadow guardians steal it from me and give it to the poorer. I am myself a ragged queen, but for them, my crown unsteadies and falls to the dirt, my robes pull me toward
  3. Swan Wife
    I am an animal mother. I am a made-of-dirt-and-water woman. I was a swan who agreed to lose my wings for love and a family, but I continued aching and craning for a chance again to be free. I never stopped longing to be free. And once I did get my feathers returned to me, they were ill-fitting, and my bones broke returning back to their first shapes, and I lay crumpled for a long time on the path to the sea, unable  to walk or fly, waiting, waiting for my true form to come back onto me. It’s
  4. Here and Now
    There are many levels of being, and we inhabit all the worlds at once. To forsake any of them in favor of another does not do life justice, dishonors not only “them” but ourselves as well. In the circles I usually run in, it seems to go the way of favoring the bigness, the eternal, the mythic, the overarching wisdom … over this little physical moment of being in bodies and giving weight to what’s just here and now, a 5 senses and immediate experience. This is a mistake. There are people